About PATS

What is PATS?

Parents and Teachers at Simis (PATS) exists to develop and enrich student educational achievement by supporting our community of students, parents and staff at Madison Simis Elementary. There are no fees to join. If you are a parent or guardian of a student at Simis, you are a part of PATS!

How we accomplish our mission:

PATS serves to both foster and preserve a strong relationship between parents, teachers and administrators at Simis.


PATS raises funds to provide resources and support programs that are not funded through Simis or Madison District budget.


PATS provides opportunities for parents and staff to work together and maintain direct communication.

Our success is measured by student achievement as well as parent and teacher satisfaction.

Board of Directors

Yarden Tahan


Say hi at yarden@gmail.com

Tara Allen

President Elect

Say hi at 49taraallen10@gmail.com

Blaire Griffin


Say hi at blaire.griffin@gmail.com

Brian Foltyn


Say hi at brianfoltynaz@gmail.com

Jessie Spalding

VP Fall Fair

Say hi at jessiespalding@gmail.com

Meredith Francis

VP Fall Fair

Say hi at meredithfrancis@gmail.com

Biby Carbonneau

Community Events

Say hi at bibypcarbonneau@me.com

Jocelyn Harding

Teacher Representative

Say hi at jharding@madisoned.org